Catch the Wave

Catch the Wave in Singapore !

Lynne Barletta began an art project in Singapore in 2015 called “Catch the Wave” to help support Dayspring Home for Abused Girls. Lynne’s brother, Pastor George Butron through his church Community of Praise Baptist Church in Singapore, helped to begin DaySpring which is a registered Singapore charity and Institution of Public Character. Lynne was commissioned to paint an anamorphic wave that was used to help raise funds for Dayspring in November of 2015. She traveled to Singapore and taught over 60 children how to draw with the right side of the brain, and gave oversight of their painting of a public wall in Sentosa at Beach Station that helped to raise funds. Lynne also conducted a seminar on leadership through creativity for business leaders.

Catch the Wave of Hope !

A fund for similar projects called “Catch the Wave” has been started at VCI. Lynne will be returning to Singapore to work with the girls of Dayspring and she has begun a new project in her hometown of Stuart Florida through the Florida Council of Crime and Delinquency on behalf of Martin Girls Academy, a Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) prison for girls. 40% of the girls have been trafficked and most have been abused. The new project in Martin County is called “Catch the Wave of Hope”. Lynne has been commissioned to paint two 40 foot murals of a wave, underwater sea life and a tree as well as work with the girls in small groups teaching hope and life with a future. She will be working with 5 at a time teaching drawing, character principles of success and then having them help paint parts of the wall. The change in atmosphere and behavior will be documented through prison staff.

From our community in Martin County to the Far East, you can be a huge part of this global effort that continues to help stop human trafficking, abuse and restoring children with world wide art fundraisers.

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